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With All Covid Precautions

The course on dental implants is led by Dr. Deepak Bhutani is the first of its kind in India. Implant dentistry is a fast-growing sector which requires a combination of precision, knowledge and skill.

Doctors from all over the world like Australia, Africa, and London, come for our courses. Our courses are so advanced that even Senior MDS doctors learn from us. Our teaching methodology is different from the rest.

Our clinicians are experienced and impart precious insight surrounding the secrets of private practice to our candidates WITHOUT ANY FILTERS.

You will learn to maintain international standards in sterilization even in Covid time, record keeping and patient satisfaction. We are an open book and our only aim is to RAISE YOUR STANDARDS IN DENTISTRY. dental implant courses in india

  • 21 Years of experience in implants
  • Detailed PROSTHETIC PHASE of all implant system & digital impression techniques.
  • Guided implant surgery
  • INTRA ORAL welding for immediate prosthesis on IMPLANT
1. Duration
  • It is perfect for dentists who wish to learn everything about dental implants but have time constraint.
  • Dental techniques are advanced procedures; a single person cannot do justice to the vastness of the topic involved. Thus, this course has India’s 5 most renowned doctors working together to help our candidates become experts of dental implants. This makes it one of the best dental implant courses in Delhi.
2. Dental Implant Courses in Delhi
  • As a part of this course, you will be taught the fundamentals of theory, necessary for clinical practice.
  • Unlike other educational institutes, the theoretical aspect is kept limited and an emphasis is laid on to the practical training.
  • Dentists learn best by hands-on experience. In this course, they practice on actual patients and learn the process in like real life situations, Counterparts offering this course use dummies or videos to teach their candidates.
3. Raise Your Standard In Your Practice Like Never Before
  • TWENTY FOUR training sessions with 6 Sr IMPLANTOLOGIST trainers from across India who are internationally certified and have experience of more than 20yrs of placing implants clinically.
  • LATEST INTERNATIONAL IMPLANT SYSTEMS, treatment protocols & ARMEMENTARIUM (will be tought & freedom to use all instruments)
  • IMPLANT MASTERCLASS COURSE with 16 different implant systems 6 Sr mentors, for 10 days surgical and prosthetic phase – 3-5 students per batch.. (Next Batch IMPLANT COURSE Start In 2023)
  • All the patients will be provided by us and freedom to place implants with any system will be given to all candidates.
  • World’s best COMPANIES for Implant will be present during workshop to interact with you and give you special offers specially designed for this IMPLANT MASTERCLASS.
  • List of Instruments & materials required for your Future CLINICAL Set-up for IMPLANTS with prices will be provided.
  • All the study material, fliers, broushers and posters for your practice to help you to convince patient will be given.
  • Certificate of training and patients handson.
  • LIFE LONG after support for your Clinic cases in your practice with our 5 Sr MENTORS Implantologist.
  • Hospitality for all the days of training at our centre Will be provided by us (This does NOT include your stay).
4. We Provide Training On 16 Implant Systems

It is very important to know the pros and cons of all the types of implants and when to use which. There are many different types of implant systems and here dentists receive training on 16 of the major implant systems and these are Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Alphabio, Osstem, Dentium, NOVA, AB Superior, MIS, BioDenta, SYNA, Cowellmedi and Adin implant.

  • In this course, you will learn to use expensive as well as cost-effective dental implants in India.
  • Depending on the spending behavior of the patients and their requirements, you will learn to take a call.
  • Your mentors will tell you about the loopholes associated with different implants.
  • You will also learn to maintain minimal armamentarium in the clinic.
  • You will not only be assisting renowned surgeons but will also be given chance to place implants by your own hands in dental implant surgeries.
  • You will get to know about the do’s and don’ts that you should take care when you are doing dental surgery.
  • By the end of this dentistry course, you will learn to work with all the implant systems and have the confidence to start your own practice.
    • One Shot MODULE in 10 Days
    • 6 Sr Implantologist (international faculty)
    • 25 yr PRACTICAL experience
    • 24 TRAINING sessions
    • 100 Hours of rigorous Training
    • 5 participants Only
    • All the implant surgical phase and prosthetic phase are completed in One shot in 10 Days (because of COVID nobody wants to travel again & again, hence we are doing everything in One Shot)
    • We emphasise more on prosthetic phase and teach prosthetically driven implantology
5. Silent Features
  • Hands-on for all 16 IMPLANT SYSTEMS on original KITS, IMPLANT & FIBREOPTIC PHYSIO DISPENSER wt gear reduction hand piece for all participants
  • Freedom to place IMPLANT with any SYSTEMS for all participants
  • Guided implant surgery
  • Detailed PROSTHETIC PHASE of all implant system & digital impression techniques
  • Ridge augmentation procedures
  • Indirect sinus lift
  • Sticky born graft
  • APRF
  • CBCT interpretation
  • INTRA ORAL welding for immediate prosthesis on IMPLANT
  • TRIOS 3 SHAPE scanner
  • All Prosthetic impression techniques digital & normal
  • All Prosthetic options
  • Lab support and communication
  • Sterilization protocols before and after surgery
  • All study materials
  • All international company people with Best deals specially drafted for you for this IMPLANT MASTER CLASS
  • Help & List of all materials, instruments & infrastructure required for your clinical set up
  • Certificate for all participants
  • Life Long support for your future endeavors by All Sr mentorsq
6. Help and Life Long Support
  • In case you face any obstacles in your practice, the team of mentors is always there to help and guide you.
  • This course has so much to offer at a nominal fee which is one-third of what is charged by our counterparts.
  • If you want to carve a career in dental implants, this is a one-stop destination for you.
  • Lifelong support by our mentors after you graduate from our institute.
7. Course Fee
  • All the modules from surgical phase to prosthetic phase are completed in ONE SHOT & complete Implant Course (10 Days),  Total Fee is – ₹ 1,50,000 Indian Rupees + 18% GST. For registration contact us: (+91) 981 080 9890
8. Course Duration
  • It is a complete 10 days course continuous from 9 A.M To 7 P.M non-stop every day. (Sundays Off)
How To Register For This Course?
  • STEP 1- Document Verification
  • STEP 2- Pay a token amount to block your seat.
  • STEP 3- The course will start on the decided day (All the fees to be cleared before starting the course)

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