Crown and Bridges

Dental crowns are used as caps on missing or fractured teeth to protect the life of your teeth. Dental Crowns are needed to:

  • Cosmetically enhance the way you’re smiling by means of a smile design
  • Protect and restore a tooth from fracturing due to accident or trauma
  • Protect and restore a Root-treated tooth
  • Correct the alignment of teeth invasive where orthodontic braces won’t work
Dental Bridge

In addition, the best crown and bridges treatment gives your tooth strength, shape, and size and helps to improve the appearance of your tooth. If your dentist has advised you to get a crown and you are delaying the process then there are chances that you can damage your tooth to the extent that extraction is the last resort.

Moreover, not getting the best crown and bridges treatment can wear down other adjacent teeth causing damage.

What are various types of Dental Crowns?

Metal Crowns

If someone is looking for an affordable yet long-term and durable solution for their posterior teeth, then metal crowns can be an option. The gold crowns in these are the most used and bond well with the tooth. These can even withstand hard chewing forces and biting. Being stronger they last longer and do not wear down easily. The only drawback is that they are visible from a distance hence, suitable only for molars.



If you have aesthetic concerns and also wish to have affordable dental crowns, then these are the best options available. The inside of the crown is made up of metal and the outer portion of the crown is made of porcelain, as a result, it has the dual advantage – metal which provides strength, and porcelain which matches the color of the teeth making it look like adjacent natural teeth.

All Ceramic Crowns


If you do not want to have metal inserted inside your mouth but want the strength to match metal crowns then ceramic crowns are the best option available. Not only are they strong but also blend more naturally with your adjacent teeth making them unnoticed. They do not have any aesthetic concerns and are the best option for the front, back, and even the bridges. The problem of porcelain wearing down and metal being visible in cases of metal-ceramic crowns is solved by an ALL-CERAMIC Dental Crown.



    • Since the natural teeth are still beneath the crown and are vulnerable to decay, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene brushing, rinsing, and flossing should be followed regularly.
    • If you clench your teeth, then it is advised to use a mouthguard to protect your crown and this also does not allow your other natural teeth to wear down.
    • Get crowns and bridges only from a dental expert who is a trained professional. Poor placement of crowns can reduce the longevity of crowns.
    • Do visit your dentist every 6 months to ensure that your oral health is in the best care.


    • Do not use your teeth as tools to open beer bottles as this puts unnecessary pressure and will damage the crown
    • Do not bite your nails and chew pencils
    • Do not bite on anything unnaturally hard such as bones while eating nonvegetarian foods.


Dental Crowns do not look natural

There is a misconception that dental crowns do not match your teeth hence giving the impression of an artificial tooth. However, with recent advances in technology, crowns are made with advanced materials that look exactly like your natural teeth. Even metal crowns are a good and viable option because they are used as molars and are never seen.

Crowns last forever

Though affordable bridges and crowns are now stronger and have longevity, they cannot last a lifetime. It also depends on how well they are taken care of. To ensure they last longer visit your dentist every 6 months, for a routine follow-up.

Food and Beverage stains the crown

The biggest myth that people carry. They believe that food and beverages can stain their teeth with time but in reality,  crowns and bridges are made of porcelain and ceramic which do not stain easily.

Dental crowns are only used for restorative dentistry

People believe that one gets a crown only if they have a fractured tooth, have undergone root canal treatment, or have broken or chipped a tooth. But the truth is that they are used in cosmetic dentistry as a way to enhance appearance and to have a whiter and beautiful smile.

Dental Crowns do not break or chip

Though ceramic and porcelain are harder substances yet if you bite on something extremely hard, or unfortunately go through an accident or trauma then your crown may break.

You cannot get cavities with crowns

Because the crown covers your tooth, therefore, they become vulnerable to decay. Though crowns, as they are artificial, have no chance of decay the part below them can decay. It is, therefore, required to keep your teeth and the area around them clean to prevent a cavity.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

The cost of Dental Crowns varies depending upon which material is used for it's fabrication. At Dr. Khullar’s Dental Clinic, we ensure that our patients always get the best quality and value for their money with superior quality crowns that last longer.

Depending on several factors that include the case specifics, material, and compliance with oral hygiene routines, dental crowns may last anywhere between 10 to 15 years. We advise our patients to maintain their oral hygiene and come back for routine followup visits,

We at Dr. Khullar's dental clinic use digital scanners for recording our patient's impressions. The cementation protocol is very fast and hence the whole process is not at all uncomfortable or painful.

Teeth after being root canal treated become brittle and are prone to fracture under one's biting loads. Hence dental crowns are always mandatory to ensure the strength and longevity of your treated tooth.

Dental crowns and bridges are restorative treatments used to repair damaged teeth and replace missing ones. Crowns cover a damaged tooth to restore its shape and function, while bridges replace one or more missing teeth by anchoring artificial teeth to adjacent natural teeth or implants.

The process for getting a dental crown or bridge typically takes two visits to our dental clinic in Gurgaon. The first visit involves preparing the tooth and taking impressions, while the second visit is for fitting and cementing the custom-made crown or bridge.

To get started with the best crowns and bridges treatment, schedule a consultation at our dental clinic in Gurgaon. The best crown dentist in Gurgaon will assess your oral health, discuss your goals, and create a personalized treatment plan

No, choosing affordable dental crowns and bridges at our Gurgaon clinic does not compromise quality. We use high-quality materials and ensure that each restoration meets our standards for durability and aesthetics.

Alternatives to dental crowns include fillings or veneers for minor damage. Alternatives to dental bridges include dental implants or partial dentures for missing teeth. Our dental clinic in Gurgaon will help you explore the best and most affordable bridges and crowns options for your needs.


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