Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Are you excessively grinding your teeth? Are you unable to bite properly? Are you having severe sensitivity or have multiple missing/decayed teeth? If yes, then you are a full mouth rehabilitation case!

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Full mouth rehabilitation encompasses the restoration of lost tooth structure and the correction of one’s bite. This procedure, which requires precision, involves the rebuilding of lost tooth enamel and dentin. Missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants or dental bridges. Full mouth rehabilitation is typically recommended for patients experiencing severe attrition, abrasion, or tooth erosion.

Why Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation helps in attaining the following:-

» Rebuilding of damaged or missing tooth structure
» Replacement of missing teeth if any
» Desired Asthetics
» Improved chewing ability
» Speech enhancement
» Healthy gums

Some of our Full Mouth Rehabilitation Cases

Case 3 (2)Case 3 (1)
Case 3 (4)Case 3 (3)
Case 2 (2)Case 2 (1)
Case 2 (4)Case 2 (3)

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Using Dental Veneers

Case 4 (2)Case 4 (1)
Case 4 (4)Case 4 (3)
Case 1 (2)Case 1 (1)
Case 1 (4)Case 1 (3)

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Frequently Asked Questions​

People with excessive teeth grinding habit, severe sensitivity in all teeth, multiple missing/decayed teeth

We use state of art technology and skill set to rehabilitate your teeth to aesthetic as well as functional perfection. And in the process you won't have any discomfort.

Certainly, you would be able to chew your favourite food, speak comfortably and smile confidently after full mouth rehabilitation.


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