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Dr.Bhutani has spent decades perfecting the art of dentistry. Dr. Bhutani‘s Dental courses offer post-graduation level of courses in Dentistry for fresh pass out BDS/MDS graduates after finishing their degree and aim to help U.G and P.G to start their own Pvt. practice with conducted confidence. Unlike other institutes, our team of 5 senior specialists offers valuable insight about setting up a high-profile private practice.

Our courses are so advanced that only BDS doctors from around the world but also senior MDS doctors learn from us.

  • We offer authentic and complete hands-on clinical dentistry course that will help you to be competent to handle real-life clinic situations apart from gaining the theoretical expertise.
  • The dental course is a long-term certified training. Its duration could be one month, two months or three months.
  • New batches commence on the 1st of every month.
  • We strongly believe that one can’t learn the intricacies of dentistry by merely taking classes over the weekend. Dentistry involves advanced skills and techniques that cannot be learnt in a short duration of time.

Maintaining a Handpiece

One of the most important part of dentistry is handling a handpiece, people often don’t know how to use a handpiece. Here, tremendous effort is laid on making our candidates competent enough for setting up their own private practice. No college will teach you about talking to patients, proper sterilization techniques or handling a clinic. Our courses are very different and advanced from what you learn in the classroom and can go a long way in shaping one’s dental career.

Help and Life Long Support

  • With these courses, you will learn to run a clinic, coordinate with labs and perform procedures.
  • The faculty is experienced and work ethically.
  • Moreover, you will get unparalleled life long support and guidance from our mentors after you graduate from our institute. So, if you want to learn dentistry in the best way possible and simultaneously get practical knowledge of how to run a clinic, enrol in our long-term clinical dentistry course.

Features of Post Graduation General Dentistry Course

  • Out of all the clinical dentistry courses in India, we offer four dentistry courses. Some of these are advanced courses that you can opt for. Even Senior MDS doctors find these courses beneficial. The advanced courses will aid you in polishing yourself further and gaining complete mastery in the particular field. International doctors from Australia, Africa, London, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland etc. come to learn from us.

    All these are postgraduate level courses –

1. Combined Course

To be an experienced dentist, we recommend you to opt for a combined course to avail additional training and facilities.

No other college/institute teaches the deep insights to run a private clinic like we do. We provide detailed understanding and practical insights of running a private clinic like we train on various aspects like maintaining instruments, how to do proper sterilization, how to coordinate with labs, maintain records, know the expectations of patients, how to have high profile private practice and to maintain international level.

Our senior dentists will share their clinical knowledge, their personal experience, secrets, their working habits in this course so that you will learn the practicalities of running a private dental clinic. All in all, we are here to RAISE YOUR STANDARDS IN THE DENTISTRY FIELD.

Benefit of the Combined Course

Our combined clinical dentistry course in Delhi is a highly recommended course. It covers the fundamentals of endodontics, prosthodontics and full mouth rehabilitation with a focus on accuracy in skills and techniques.

Although dental institutions prepare you with the theoretic knowledge, they fail to acquaint you with the clinical setting. Here, we aim at providing you with a combination of theory and practical knowledge.

we strongly recommend fresh graduates to do the course for min. 3 to 6 months, to do more number of patients and get better exposure.

  • Delhi and Internationally highly recommended course.
  • We teach you the skill, how to open up your own practice.
  • Protocol changed in dentistry after Covid.
  • How to talk with the patients.
  • How to enhance your skills.
Course Fee
  • The 1-month fee is Rupees 1 Lakh + GST as applicable, (Example – 1 Month Fee- Rupees 1 Lakh, 2 Month Fee- Rupees 2 Lakh, 3 Month Fee- Rupees 3 lakh and so on).
  • If you do this combined course for 2 or 3 months, then we will give you discounts. For registration contact us: (+91) 981 080 9890.
2. Endodontic Course

The Endodontic course is a Coveted and Popular Course, conducted on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

An advanced rotary endodontic course can be taken by you to learn more about endodontics. A characteristic feature of this course is to get candidates to assess patient cases and understand the complexities of diagnosis and treatments. We use advanced rotary endodontic systems with Protaper Scanner, Protaper Gold, WaveOne and Hero Shaper, maintaining International standards.

Course Fee

The Endodontic Course fee is Rupees 50,000 + GST as applicable. For registration contact us: (+91) 981 080 9890.

3. Prosthodontic Course

The Prosthodontic Course is another course gaining popularity owing to the increasing demand for cosmetic treatments. We have introduced next-generation technology in this course with the TRIOS3 SHAPE DIGITAL SCANNER which makes 3D dental viewing possible. We train our dentists on these type of advanced instruments.

The advanced prosthodontic course can also be taken to learn the advanced skills covering dental implants, bridges, dentures, etc.

Course Fee

The course is conducted on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday and the course fee is Rupees 50,000 + GST as applicable. For registration contact us: (+91) 981 080 9890.

4. Full Mouth Rehabilitation Course

Mouth Rehabilitation course is coming up with an unexpected surge in the dental industry. We focus on mere things like cleanliness and hygiene for the betterment of human life.

If you want to do any of the above courses for 2 or 3 months, you will get more number of patients because you will be spending more time with us.
The senior specialists, professors, principal level senior faculty will always be standing next to you.

5. Smile Designing
What will you learn
  • Laminate & Vineers
  • All Ceramic Crowns
  • Composite
  • Bleachin
  • All Treatment are taught on Patients from day one & we provide you 6 to 7 patients every day
Steps For Admission
  • STEP 1- Document Verification
  • STEP 2- Pay a token amount to block your seat.
  • STEP 3- The course will start on the decided day (All the fees to be cleared before starting the course)
Week Day Batch Timings
  • Course is conducted from Monday to Saturday
  • Five hour’s every day, Sunday off

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