Dr. Sanju Khullar

Root Canals/Crowns & Bridges/Dentures And Paediatric Dentistry

About Dr. Sanju Khullar

Dr (Mrs.) Sanju Khullar is a highly experienced and compassionate dentist. She is an Alumni of AIIMS and did her residency in this premier institute. She has worked extensively in leading hospitals like AIIMS, Neelkanth Hospital and Safdarjung Hospital. She practices at Dr Khullar’s Dental Clinic to provide the highest standards of professionalism and successful dental results.

With Dr Sanju Khullar’s experience in Pediatric Dentistry, she has perfected the art of patient experience and child care. She works meticulously to ensure every patient has a unique and individualized experience. Her human and compassionate nature shows in her work which has produced many overwhelming smiles over the years.

Her Specialty

Dr Sanju Khullar specializes in Dental Implants, dentures for older patients and patients suffering from bleeding gums. She also excels in Painless Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment, Gum Surgeries, Crowns and Bridges, Implant Dentistry , Flexible Dentures and Pediatric Dentistry.

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