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Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop in our jaw and they come through at the back of the mouth behind the last standing teeth. If you’re told that your wisdom teeth are “impacted”, it means that there is not enough space for them to grow into the jaw in a normal position or when they erupt at an angle or in an unexpected location

wisdom tooth extraction in Gurgaon

Recovering from wisdom tooth extraction

Most people can get back to their normal activities a few days after surgery. It takes up to six weeks for your mouth to completely heal. For about a 4 to 5 days, soft food will be suggested by the dentist. After surgery, you may experience some pain, bleeding, and swelling. Your doctor will give you specific instructions for managing discomfort, such as taking pain medications and using cold compresses. Although rare, you may develop a painful dry socket. This happens when the blood clot that’s supposed to form after surgery doesn’t form properly or becomes dislodged from the socket and exposes bone. In such cases you are advised to visit your dentist as soon as possible.

Patient Testimonials

Why choose us for Wisdom tooth extraction?

  • Facility of in-house Xray and Full mouth Xray facility / OPG.
  • Availability of skilled and experienced Oral surgeon (MDS).
  • Clean and sterilised equipment and instruments are used.
  • Painless technique used for extraction.
  • Facility of general anaesthesia and Nitrous oxide sedation is also available in addition to local anaesthesia.


Had a pain in my wisdom teeth. Had a great experience at Dr. Khullar’s. Got my wisdom teeth removed effortlessly without any pain. Got proper guidance and consultation.
Neelavdeep Bhagabati
Very satisfying experience with my sons tooth extraction and pain. Very polite and friendly.
Deepak Lohia