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Covid-19 update

Effect of covid 19 outbreak on dentistry.
Is it safe for patients and dentists to provide dental services

In this new world post the outbreak of covid19, we all have stepped up our personal hygiene. But as doctors we need to take an extra step to make sure that our patients are safe from any cross contamination that might happen at a dental clinic.

So, we at dr. khullar’s dental clinic

  • Wear IDA approved overalls with face shields and a 3M respirator that we discard after ever patient as an extra added step to our previously existing sanitisation protocol.
  • We also, fumigate the entire clinic from the entrance till the end and leave the operatory for about 30 minutes after every patient for all the particles to settle down.
  • We sterilize all used instruments in 4 steps:
    • Dip them in a chemical disinfectant for 30mins.
    • Wash them with soap and water
    • Autoclave all instruments
    • Put them in a UV chamber as a final step.
  • We make sure no two patients are present in the clinic premises at the same time and thus no chance of cross contamination.

So, don’t worry cause there is absolutely no chance of any cross contamination happening when you come for us for your dental visit

Daily sanitisation during COVID-19 outbreak