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Dental Technology

technologyDental Technology

At Dr. Khullar’s Dental Clinic, technology has always played an important role to empower our dentists to produce more satisfying results and comfortable treatment for our patients. We like to stay ahead in the technology race while only using the most successful and proven procedures .

dental technology

Dr Khullar’s Dental Clinic is an ISO 9000/CE Certified Dental Lab and we use the highest standards of sterilization in our dental procedures. We distinguish ourselves by using ADA (American Dental Association) certified dental materials and Auto Clave Technology for infection control.

Some of the technology used by us:

Root Canal Treatment

RVG for Digital Computerised X Ray

Dr. Khullar’s Dental Clinic is equipped with RVG for immediate image preview and availability for patient files. This technique helps in saving time and money .

Implant Dentistry

Material and Technology from Ankylos, Germany, UNITI Holland and Noble Biocare, Sweden which have 15- 18 years of guarantee and usually lasts for lifetime.

Intra Oral Camera for Live View of Work


Ultrasonic Chemical Sterilization

An ultrasonic cleaner uses sound waves, that are outside the human hearing range to form oscillating bubbles, a process called cavitation. These bubbles act on debris to remove it from the instruments. All our equipments are passed through ultrasonic sterilization technique to ensure the highest standards of sterilisation in our dental clinic.

Disposable Items

We use disposable items wherever possible to maintain hygiene during our treatment.

Surface Disinfection

All surfaces that might possibly come into contact with infection-carrying materials are disinfected with approved chemicals between each patient.